Fishing/Hunting: In the lake you will find salmon, trout, eel and char. You may fish either from a boat or from the shore.Fishing permits and tackle are available from the kisok. There are also a number of mountain lakes with lovely moutain trout. If you would like to try sea-fishing, it is just a 10-minute drive to Straumshamn, where you can fish for e.g saithe and cod. If you wish to go hunting here, there are opportunities for both small game and big game hunting. A hunting permit for small game hunting is a available at the kiosk.



Boat Hire: A boat trip on the lake in clear calm weather is a fantastic experience, whether you fisk or just relax. A boat and lifejackeets are available for hire in the reception. Bike Hire: Along the banks of the lake there is a gravel road with little traffic, ideal for a bike ride. You can hire a bike in the reception.



Walking: The area beside and around the lake offers wonderful walking opportunities, both easy walks along forestry roads and in pleasant woodland , or more damanding mountain walks up to one of the many prefer an easy walk, just follow the marked path starting outside the reception at Helset Cabins and Camping . A map and a description is available at the reception.



Minerals: If you are interested in geology and minerals, Bjørkedalsen is just the place for you. The mountains around the lake contain among other things olivin, with the highest concentration of strontium know on earth. Experts characterise Bjørkedalen as an eldorado for geologists.



Shopping: If you are interested in souvenirs and hand-made articles, you should pay a visit to Helset Souvenir and Handicrafts, which is situated in the same building as the reception and kiosk. Here you will fins everything you can imagine in the way of hand-made articles, handicrafts and souvenirs.